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Natural Aloe Tonic. 500ml

Chronic constipation is described as a common complication determined by difficult and/or rare passage of stool or both. The difference in definition of constipation has led to a wide range of reported prevalence (between 60% and 80% of the world’s population).


So what is all that falls into the definition of Constipation? 

Here are a few symptoms:

  • Infrequent bowel movements. Coated tongue. Rumbling noisey bowel. Tiredness.
  • Lack of concentration. Mental depression. Bloated abdomen. Bad breath. Flatulence. Haemorrhoids. Headaches. Anal fissure. Mental dullness.

Possibly one of the most frequent diseases in the world.


Various factors are involved in the pathogenesis of the disease, including type of diet, genetic predisposition, colonic motility, absorption, social economic status, daily behaviours, and biological and pharmaceutical factors.

Diagnostic and therapeutic options play a key role in the treatment of chronic constipation. There are still debates about the timing of these diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms.


So we have taken:

  • Aloe Vera Crystals (with all its natural elements vital in balancing the bowels and the bladder with the correct pH levels 6.8-7.2)
  • Himalayan Salt (with all its 84 trace elements vital in balancing the bowels and the bladder with the correct trace- elements .)
  • A touch of Magnesium Sulphate ( to get things functional and moving)
  • Mixed in some Artesian water and;
  • Devised a formula of mixing all these ingredients together in the correct amounts


Ingredients defined:

Magnesium sulphate, commonly known as Epsom Salt, is a mineral. It works by replacing magnesium in the body and increasing water in the intestines. Magnesium sulphate can be used orally as a laxative to relieve occasional constipation, and to treat low levels of magnesium.  Feb 10, 2015

Aloe Vera Crystals are most notable, for their renowned natural colon cleansing benefits. As an effective natural laxative, colon cleanser and weight loss facilitation product. Aloe Vera Crystals is a truly 100% pure and most natural product and contains no preservatives or binding agents.

Himalayan Salt: The benefits of Himalayan Salt sole helps towards Detoxifying the body by balancing systemic pH.  It also improves ones hydration by providing the body’s need for the 84 trace minerals found in the salt. Adding to and improving the mineral status of the body; whilst reducing muscle cramps, by improving mineral content and hydration, and lastly helps improve the balance of your blood sugar.


Directions for Use:

A tot measure (25ml) per day early in the morning on an empty stomach and a critical problem can find a possible relief from this common but seldom corrected by natural means situation.


Our products are FREE FROM: additives, binders, preservatives, artifical colouring & flavours, pesticides, GMOs and anything that is unnatural.



This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Known allergens: none.

If you have any serious health conditions, or are unsure, always consult your doctor / physician / healthcare practitioner before taking this or any supplement.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding please consult your healthcare practitioner.

Natural Aloe Tonic. 500ml

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