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Sceletium GNS. 30 Caps

Good Mood day (GMD)  & Good Night Sleep (GNS )


A very natural anti-depressant, produced from the Sceletium Tortuosum plant with little or no side effects.

We have drawn off specific Alkaloids from the plant,that are seen as the most effective elements in the plant for calming and bringing an uplifting mood  (GMD)  and the Alkaloids that slow down the synapsis of the brain at night, to allow one to drift off into a calmer more relaxed frame of mind, without the drowsiness of a sleeping pill. (GNS).


So why is our Sceletium Extract different?

We have developed a specific function (patent pending) where we separate the Alkaloids from the total plant.

We then take this/ these separated alkaloid(s), define its specific function it gives, from the total plant, and then put it into a very concentrated format, now offered to you in a capsule.

This then allows us to offer a dedicated function for you when taking a capsule, be it to enhance sleep (GNS), or for mood enhancing (GMD), for when one is possibly coming out of that 'grey area', or for those feeling very depressed and anxious.


So we can now safely offer a GMD applicable to:

  • An adult which is the capsule that aids towards relieving aspects such as anxiety or stress from family life or career; or
  • in a case where a person is very depressed, as would be the case for a family bereavement, loss of an income etc. by supplying the correct dosage in the format.


We then offer a different alkaloid formula referred to as GNS:

  • For better sleep patterns. No, it is not a sleeping pill. It is not addictive. It can aid towards a better relaxed state of anxiety for one, so that the turmoil of everyday life is lessened by, relaxing the mind to a more relaxed state of anxiety and thereby assisting towards a better night’s sleep.


You now have a dedicated product, where we have identified scientifically, as to what aspect(s) of the general Sceletium plant can then contribute to your well-being - be it day or night time, and then being able to offer this unique plant’s content in a concentrated format, ideal for your situation.


Directions for Use:

1 cap per day, in the evening time.


Our products are FREE FROM: additives, binders, preservatives, artifical colouring & flavours, pesticides, GMOs and anything that is unnatural.



This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Known allergens: none.

If you have any serious health conditions, or are unsure, always consult your doctor / physician / healthcare practitioner before taking this or any supplement.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding please consult your healthcare practitioner.

Sceletium GNS. 30 Caps

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